Kumi Care #2

Kumi Care

Self-care and community-care are key aspects of any truly successful campaign, movement, of activism! That is why this week we want to introduce Kumi Care: an opportunity to care out space to rest and re-energize before diving back into the Kumi Now initiative. Out hope for Kumi Care is that by setting aside weeks, free of new information, challenges or calls to action, each of our activists around the world can take time for much needed self-care. This key ingredient to any successful activism helps individuals and communities re-engage in the cause and to ensure our roles in the movement are sustainable.

We hope to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for long-term activism! This Kumi Care week, we are focussing on MENTAL self-care. This means we want to allow our brains to take a break from constantly working. You know yourself best! Ask your body what you need in order to care for yourself mentally. Try to set aside time to sit in silence, meditate, practice mindfulness, unplug from social media, avoid checking the news, or whatever best helps you to unwind!

If your Kumi Community is displaying signs of unhealthy conflict, attitudes, or leadership, we encourage you to remove yourself and join a different Kumi Community. Please email care@kuminow.com for help in removing oneself from unhealthy environments or in reporting inappropriate conduct.

Kumi Care Resources

There are many resources for self-care online. If you have helpful tips for self- care, or a favourite way you care for yourself, contact us at care@kuminow.com to share your resources with other Kumi activists!

Kumi Care Crossword

Each Kumi Care week comes with a puzzle, this week’s puzzle is a crossword which can be downloaded here.

The solution can be downloaded here.