Kumi City March

Week 48

Kumi City March

The vision of a Kumi City march is to advocate for justice and peace in Palestine-Israel as well as to gather support and raise awareness for the Kumi Now initiative. By bringing together Kumi Communities across a city for such a march, the hope is to connect activists with others in their are in order to build momentum in engaging with and sharing information about Kumi Now. By joining forces across Kumi Communities, a larger audience can be invited to learn more about Kumi Now.

If organizing a Kumi City march in your area sounds interesting to you or if you want to help take on a leadership position within your broader Kumi Community, please let us know by emailing kumicity@kuminow.com! We would live to connect Kumi Community leaders with others in their area to organize a Kumi City march.

General tips on how to plan a Kumi City march

  1. Organize leadership
    1. Gather a group of organizers from your Kumi Communities to outline the vision and plan the details of your Kumi Now march. Establish a support system within the different Kumi Communities in your city.
  2. Acquire Permits
    1. Find out what is legally required to hold a march in your city and acquire the necessary permissions or permits. Some cities require permits for specific activities such as using a microphone outside.
  3. Plan logistics
    1. Select a location that is significant in your city with the beginning or ending locations of the route being clearly outlined. Make sure this location allows for easy access to the general public. Select a time and date most convenient for your Kumi City march.
  4. Decide on details
    1. Decide on the details of the march. Will speakers be present? Will there be organized chants or will the march be silent?
  5. Build a message
    1. Create signs and banners that are eye catching and informative. Use the following tips when creating your signs
      1. Have a clear message
      2. Use humor and wit
      3. Simplify your sign
      4. Remember that presentation matters
      5. Show passion
  6. Be inclusive
    1. Aim to make your Kumi City march inclusive! Invite Jewish, Christian, and Muslim friends to join the march.
  7. Spread the word
    1. Spend time promoting your march on social media, traditional media, through flyers and signs, with announcements at clubs or places of worship, and more.
  8. Share your voice
    1. Invite press to document your march by sending out a press release and contacting local news agencies. Connect with other organizations that may be willing to support your Kumi City march.
  9. Document
    1. Document your Kumi City march and share updates on social media, including hashtags like #KumiNow, #KumiCity, and #KumiMarch. Send an email to kumicity@kuminow.com letting us know where you are marching.
  10. Be respectful
    1. Keep the peace by ensuring that supporters do not break the laws in your area, which may result in arrests. These often include blocking traffic, failing to disperse when ordered to do so, and loitering.
  11. Continue onward
    1. Follow-up on your marches momentum with continued activism! Continue to organize Kumi Communities in your city to follow the weekly Kumi entries and engage in the Kumi Actions.

Contact us at kumicity@kuminow.com to share your resources with other Kumi Cities! You can access additional resources on how to organize online, such as following the webpage published by The Community Tool Box.