Launch of a Third Year

Welcome to Kumi Now!

Welcome to a new year of Kumi Now! As you look back at your own year past and forward to the year ahead, we at Kumi Now are doing the same. So, first of all, consider letting us know what you thought of the second year of Kumi Now, and what we should do differently in the coming year.

Chances are this isn’t your first week of Kumi Now. But even if you are a Kumi Now expert, it is a good idea to take this week and review the basics of Kumi Now and how (and why) it all works. And if you are new to Kumi Now, then welcome! You’ve made a great new year’s resolution. Here’s what you can do this week to get started:

First, get connected: Kumi Now is now on the major social networks. Please like and follow!

Next, follow (or review) the instructions in the Launch Manual.

As you work your way through the launch manual, make sure that, at the very least, you register and make your Kumi Commitment. You can record your commitment on this form. Don’t worry! No one will question you about meeting your commitment. Rather, it is a goal and motivation for yourself.

Once you’ve made your commitment, we’d like you to be a Kumi Ambassador. You can do this by letting other people know about Kumi Now. Are there clubs at school that might get involved? Or social studies teachers that would be interested? Or groups at your church? Or friends or adults? Set yourself another little goal, just in your head: “I’ll tell 3 people about Kumi Now in person. I’ll email 5 people about Kumi Now. I’ll share the Kumi Now initiative on 2 social media networks.” You can use a message like, “Do you know about Kumi Now? It is an initiative to unite people everywhere in support of Palestine and international law. Get involved by registering at”

To be both most effective and taken seriously as an activist, it is important to know about the subject. How much do you know about the Palestinian situation? Once you register, you will receive a link to an informative quiz that will give you an idea of how much you know and provide some suggestions on how you can learn more. But you can always flip to the Additional Resources section at the back of the book and find a film or documentary or book that can help further your knowledge. You can find the list of resources online on the Resources page.