Kumi City Gathering

Week 31 

Kumi City Gathering

It’s time to Rise Up!

The idea and purpose behind a Kumi City gathering is to bring together individual activists and nearby Kumi Communities in order to get to know those working in your area! A movement is only as strong as its activists, and we believe we are stronger when our activists are united. The hope for a Kumi City gathering would be to form connections with those actively working for change in your city. A Kumi City gathering would allow leaders of Kumi Communities to take initiative and organize an event for their Kumi City.

If organizing a Kumi City gathering sounds interesting to you or if you want to help take on a leadership position within your broader Kumi Community, please let us know by emailing ciytgathering@kuminow.com! We would love to connect Kumi Community leaders with others in their area to organize such a gathering.

Kumi City gatherings may look different in each place. We hope that this gathering can be customized to your city! This event may take the form of a potluck or community meal; include music or speakers; or involve a film, videos, or photographs. Get creative in envisioning and planning your Kumi City gathering. We hope that this event can be a space to connect activists in a lively atmosphere in order to encourage our work with the Kumi Now initiative around the world!