Kumi City Gathering

Week 31 

Kumi City Gathering

It’s time to Rise Up!

How does one have a city gathering in the age of social distancing? A city gathering isn’t a goal for this year, anywhere in the world. Instead, consider watching or learning something about Palestine with your family or Kumi Now community. A few options include:

Also, don’t forget to register for our upcoming Kumi Now Online sessions, which start Tuesday, June 2 at 6:00pm East Jerusalem, Palestine time (GMT+3). Our first session, coinciding with Week 33 of Kumi Now, features Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, activist, author, scientist, and director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History, who will help us understand the environmental impacts of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and what activists around the world can do to help resist.  Each Tuesday brings another Kumi Now online session:

  • June 9 – Week 34: Peacemaker Trust and Revd Dr Stephen Sizer on What is Christian Zionism?
  • June 16 – Week 35: Jeff Halper and ICAHD on Home Demolitions
  • June 23 – Week 36: Omar Haramy and Sabeel on Jerusalem and Occupation

 Go register at https://kuminow.com/online/.  What are you doing this week? Let us know through social media, and share information on Kumi Online, including the image at the top of this email and the webpage https://kuminow.com/online/. Include the hashtags #KumiOnline, #KumiNow, and #Kumi31.