Sabeel is grateful to all of the organizations who have responded positively to the Kumi Now initiative. The list of the organizations who have joined Kumi Now continues to grow and we encourage organizations to contact us if you want to participate in the future. We have plans to grow, adding more tools and ways for activists and organizations around the world to get involved and work together to bring peace and justice to Palestine.

We have made some important changes to the second edition of the book. These include:

Going to a 52-week, January to December model. This allows new activists to jump into Kumi Now at any point, and also means that the same book can be used from year to year.

Focusing each week on an issue, not an organization. As we grew, we realized that each organization was going to have to wait longer and longer before they were featured again. This way, we can bring attention to more than one organization each week. 

Adding more than 10 new issues. We have focused on adding issues that were missing in our first year, such as family reunifications, the role of women in peacebuilding, Israel’s use of collective punishment, and many others, to present an even fuller picture of life for Palestinians, and to allow more organizations to be involved and highlighted.

Moving events online. Given that we want you to be able to use this book for more than one year, we decided it was best to move events online, where they can be planned and communicated more effectively, and can change from year to year to coincide with important events and anniversaries. Remember to check the website and subscribe to our email newsletter and social media accounts.

Planning around international holidays and important anniversaries. Introducing each week with an explanation of why we are focusing on that issue at that time helps us remember that the goals of Kumi Now are grounded in international law and connected to the movements, past and present, of others struggling, through nonviolence, for rights and justice around the globe.

The organizations invited to join Kumi Now were chosen by Sabeel based on their commitments to nonviolence, inclusivity, and respect for international law. However, these organizations span a diverse network of Palestinian, Israeli, and international organizations. This network consists of faith-based and secular organizations, each of which works in their own capacity and from their own philosophy and perspective on the wide range of issues affecting Palestinians. 

Given this diversity, we would like to remind you that the views and language presented in the entries do not, and could not, represent every organization involved in Kumi Now. Nor do they necessarily represent the views of Sabeel. We attempted to maintain an overall grammatical style for the book to ease the job of the reader, but allowed for regional spelling and capitalization differences; indeed, we believe this book should retain the diversity of experience of the Kumi Now community.

In the writing of this second edition, several entries from the first edition were combined (for example, when more than one entry from the first edition focused on home demolitions) into single entries. Other essays have been expanded to provide more context that is helpful for an international audience, and still others have been updated with more recent statistics, better references to their sources, or to fix factual errors. Every effort has been made to acknowledge and honor the original contributors. If we have missed anything, please let us know and it will be fixed in our online materials and in subsequent printings of the book.

Finally, the Kumi Now team bears the responsibility for the creation and writing of the Kumi Actions. While organizations were solicited for advocacy action ideas, the Kumi Actions as written are overwhelmingly the product of the Kumi Now team and as such do not necessarily reflect the views or goals of the organizations profiled or other partners. Questions and concerns regarding the Kumi Actions and anything else in the book should be directed to the Kumi Now team at and not the profiled organizations. 

A special thanks to all of the staff and volunteers at Sabeel who have worked to make Kumi Now a reality. Your time here may have been limited, but the project will live and grow because of your dedication.