Kumi Now Online 2022

We would like to introduce you to the once-a-month Palestinian Innovators series and the once-a-month Palestinian Solutions series. These series will officially launch February 1st, but for those that would like to learn more about them and provide input on their creation, there will be an informal Zoom meeting hosted by Omar Haramy on Tuesday, January 25th.
The Palestinian Innovators series, happening the first Tuesday of each month, will focus on individual Palestinians that are coming up with creative or innovative ways to support their communities, do business, advocate for Palestine, and otherwise contribute to the world. We are sure they will be an inspiration to us all!
The Palestinian Solutions series, occurring the third Tuesday of each month, will take a different approach to Palestine than we, and almost every other organization, have taken in the past. Instead of focusing on what Israel should stop doing or what the UN and other nations should do, we will look at the problems facing Palestine from a Palestinian perspective. Better understanding the internal workings and struggles of Palestine will help us all become better allies and smarter activists as we learn to work together for Palestine.
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