Kumi Now Weeks

A new Kumi Now Week will appear here each Monday

  • Kumi Care #3
    Week 42 Self-care and community-care are key aspects of any truly successful campaign, movement, or activism! That is why this week we are engaging in Kumi Care: an opportunity to carve out space to rest and re-energize before diving back into the Kumi Now initiative.
  • Women in Black
    Week 41 There is a twisted irony at the intersection of war and gender: war is almost always declared and fought by men. But it is women and children that suffer much of the violence.
  • Pilgrims of Ibillin
    Week 40 Palestinian citizens of Israel face discrimination when it comes to education funding by the State of Israel. The Mar Elias Schools in Ibillin are working to provide quality education to all children equally, whether they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Druze, and it is pressuring Israel to end its unequal treatment of its citizens’ education.