Kumi Now Weeks

A new Kumi Now Week will appear here each Monday

  • Jahalin Solidarity
    Week 2 Refugee Bedouin communities in Palestine, living under Israeli military occupation, have experienced decades of home demolitions and forcible land transfers along with virtually non-existent services. Al Khan al-Ahmar is one such village. Jahalin Solidarity works to hold the Israeli government accountable for these transgressions in order to ensure the safety and health of villages like Al Khan al-Ahmar.
  • Launch of a Third Year
    Week 1 Welcome to a new year of Kumi Now! As you look back at your own year past and forward to the year ahead, we at Kumi Now are doing the same.
  • Zaytoun
    Week 52 It is difficult to overstate the economic and symbolic importance of olive trees in Palestine. They are also a frequent object of violence: trees uprooted by settlers, farmers separated from their land by fences and checkpoints, and land seized for Israeli settlements.