Just the Facts: Women in Conflict

  • 33% of Palestinian women in refugee camps have directly experienced physical assault by Israeli Occupation Forces.
  • 9% have been exposed to threats of being attacked by policing dogs during Israeli night raids on their homes.
  • ​​37% have been detained or interrogated.
  • 38% of them or members of their households have experienced verbal abuse during Israeli army raids, at checkpoints or while visiting religious places.
  • Many have been forced to work in substandard conditions after the family breadwinner has been arrested or killed.
  • Nearly a quarter live in shelters or with extended family.
  • 22% live in unhealthy conditions.
  • Over 20% have been exposed to beatings or tear gas at checkpoints while they were pregnant.
  • 5% of women or their children have been forced to drop out of school due to the occupation.
  • 64% have been unable to visit religious or recreational sites due to restrictions on their movement.


These facts are taken from the MIFTAH data in “Palestinian Women: The Disproportionate Impact of Israeli Occupation” from MIFTAHPWWSDWCLACTAM, and Karama.

Learning More 

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