Palestinian Innovators Series

The Palestian Innovators series, happening the first Tuesday of each month (and maybe some other days!), will focus on individual Palestinians that are coming up with creative or innovative ways to support their communities, do business, advocate for Palestine, and otherwise contribute to the world. We are sure they will be an inspiration to us all!

Guests for each online gathering will be added to the chart below as they are confirmed.

Date (First Tuesday of Each Month)Guest
February 1
February 15
Hanna Tams, choreographer
Vera Baboun, politician
March 1
March 15
Ranan Issa, activist
Dr. Anton Khalilieh, Scientist
April 5TBA
May 3TBA
June 7TBA
July 5TBA
August 2TBA
September 6TBA
October 4TBA
November 1TBA
December 6TBA