Palestinian Innovators: Hanna Tams

Palestinian Innovators: Hanna Tams

On Tuesday, February 1st we met the first guest in our Palestinian Innovators series, Hanna Tams, artistic director and choreographer of Douban Professional Dance.

More about our guest:

Hanna Tams is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher in East Jerusalem. He’s been pursuing dance as a career since around 2002.

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Here are a few videos:

You can find a complete list of Hanna’s videos and reports at

From the Presentation/Chat

Hanna’s talk connects well with one of my favorite weeks of The Kumi Calendar, “Art as Resistance”: I’ll be adding some of his dance videos to our YouTube playlist for the week:

I can’t speak for all of Israeli artists, of course, but as an American living here, I’m used to artists/art organizations in other countries being very progressive, and thus anti-war and anti-occupation. So I’ve been surprised in Israel to find many of the artists/organizations I’ve met to be very pro-Israel/Zionist. They may be ‘left’ in an Israeli sense, but that still puts them very much to the ‘right’ overall. The arts village of Ein Hod, literally built on a Palestinian village, is a good example:

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