Palestinian Innovators: Vera Baboun

Palestinian Innovators: Vera Baboun

On February 15th we had the privilege of meeting the second guest in our Palestinian Innovators series, Vera Baboun, politician, and first female mayor of Bethlehem. Now retired, she gave us a unique and honest look at the situation facing Palestine.

More about our guest:

Vera Baboun is a Palestinian politician and was the first woman to be mayor of Bethlehem. You can find Vera Baboun on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

From the Presentation/Chat

  • Wiam is asking for monetary support.
  • Bringing Bethlehem to your city and handcrafts – that’s what has been trying to do – not only for Bethlehem but many other projects in WB and Gaza.
  • Wiam is a food and education and reconciliation ministry run by the Zoughbis. They are a reliable place to send money.
    Wi’am: The Palestinian Conflict Transformation Center
    A grassroots civil society organization based in Bethlehem with a mission to promote peacebuilding and empower community members as agents of change.
  • Also Sunbula in Jerusalem has a web shop with many Bethlehem things.
  • Al Rowwad Creative Arts Centre in Aida Camp is another reliable place to support the community as is Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem
  • In addition to Wi’am and Al Rowwad, Bethlehem Bible College has a “charity department” that supports poor Bethlehemites with money for food and rent, and helps find jobs for them. It provides these services regardless of religious affiliation.