Shop Palestinian Goods

This is our guide to buying Palestinian products around the world. Priority is given to sites that sell fair trade goods, goods produced in Palestine, and that raise money for advocacy and social causes.

Do you know of an online shop that isn’t on this list but should be? Email us at and we’ll add it.

  • Sea of Herbs is a spice and natural beauty shop that has been located in the Old City of Jerusalem for over 200 years. They ship worldwide.
  • Dead Sea Pearls on the other hand is a new Palestinian health and beauty company producing products from the Dead Sea. It’s a nice alternative to all of the Israeli/settler companies stealing Palestinian resources for their products.
  • Palestine Center for Peace is an initiative of the Australian Friends of Palestine Association. “A first-of-its-kind in Australia, the Centre combines a retail shop-front promoting products sourced from Palestine and a Resource Centre containing … materials to promote awareness and education about Palestine and the Palestinian people.”
  • Watan is an art company with studios in Amman and Chicago. They sell art, prints, jewelry, clothing, and other goods with an artistic flair. The “International Solidarity with Palestine” print, with a collage of stamps from around the world that were produced to show solidarity with Palestine, is quite impressive.
  • Meet Palestine. This is a new website of only Palestinian goods and it appears to have a lot to choose from. Their most expensive item is a nearly-US $8000 hand-carved Nativity Set, but we’re positive you can find something in your own price range.
  • Handmade Palestine works with over 25 women’s cooperatives, artisans and designers from all over Palestine—Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Gaza, Hebron, Haifa, Nablus & Ramallah, and is probably the most stylish shop on this list.
  • Cafe Palestina is a restaurant and shop in northern London. For those in London, they offer a Palestinian Supper Club (which will reopen when possible), and the run online Arabic classes. Their online store offers ceramic goods and many other items.
  • Middle East Books and More is a shop that is a project of the American Educational Trust, a non-profit, non-partisan organization which publishes the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.
  • Zaytoun is a Kumi Now partner, and also sells fair trade olive oil and many other products around the world.
  • Shop Palestine is run by the Middle East Children’s Alliance and sells just about everything you could think of.
  • Canaan sells products produced through the Palestine Fair Trade Association program. According to the website, “Canaan works with over 2,000 artisan family farms spanned across 52 different villages. We are engaged year-round with these communities, committed to long term partnerships with fair trade principles that ensure transparency, full direct payment, fair prices and purchase guarantee.”
  • Hirbawi is the last authentic producer of kufiya in Palestine. If you want to buy a kufiya to support Palestine, this is who you want to buy from (or buy one of their kufiya through one of the other stores listed here). Other kufiya that you will find are likely produced somewhere outside Palestine. Sadly, shipping problems due to the pandemic have left the U.S. store rather short on stock, but you might have more success from the other sites. WorldwideGermanyUnited States
  • Sunbula has two shops in Jerusalem and ships fair trade goods around the world, including kaffiyeh face masks
  • Hadeel is based out of Edinburgh, Scotland and sells a wide variety of fair trade products, from clothing to bags to health and beauty products to foods, and numerous things between.
  • Palestine Online. I don’t know much about this store, but they have a lot of products, and might be worth checking out.
  • The Palestine Solidarity Campaign sells a variety of products worldwide, including keffiyehs from Hirbawi and olive oil from Zaytoun, plus some of the best shirts I’ve seen, including this Right of Return shirt
  • Al’Ard was started to support poor Palestinian farmers who were struggling to sell their olive oil at a fair price by providing them with state-of-the art facilities and helping them into the global market. Now, 10 years on, the company is still putting the farmers first with our transparent and fair business ethics and by helping them access tools, storage, agricultural expertise and internationally recognised certification.”
  • Darzah is a Palestinian non-profit that sells fair trade, hand-stitched shoes, bags, accessories, and home decor items, all made by Palestinian women in the West Bank. And they ship worldwide! According to the website: “Darzah began with one goal in mind, empowering women in the West Bank. In 2021, shoppers like you will contribute directly into the Palestine economy providing salaries for our 26 female artisans as well as our Palestinian partners. For every dollar you spend, 80% will go to providing for the 17,000 hours our artisans dedicate to creating our high quality products each year.” You can shop on Darzah’s website and follow them on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.