January 23: Jerusalem and other updates

January 23: Jerusalem and other updates

On January 23, 2023, Laura Wharton, Jerusalem City Councilor and adjunct lecturer in political science at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, discussed issues related to the city and the rights of Palestinians in it.

Urgent Actions

UK Action: Support a pro-Palestine candidate for MP

Ilford North needs an MP who is strong on Palestine. Help the Redbridge Community Action Group make it happen.

Canada: Stop funding Israeli military

Please sign the petition for Canada to stop arming Israel. The petition closes February 24.

You can find a nearby event on palactions.com or add your local event if it isn’t already there.

Worldwide: Support South Africa’s case against Israel at the ICJ

The International Court of Justice just  is now in deliberations, with a decision to be released at a later date. It’s not too late to let the court know how you feel and put pressure on the justices.
Petition: Please sign the petition supporting South Africa’s case against Israel at the International Court of Justice.
 Email justices: Then, you can email the ICJ justices. Their emails are: j.donoghue@icj-cij.orgK.GEVORGIAN@icj-cij.orgp.tomka@icj-cij.orgr.abraham@icj-cij.orgm.bennouna@icj-cij.orga.yusuf@icj-cij.orgh.xue@icj-cij.orgj.sebutinde@icj-cij.orgd.bhandari@icj-cij.orgp.robinson@icj-cij.orgn.salam@icj-cij.orgy.iwasawa@icj-cij.orgg.nolte@icj-cij.orgh.charlesworth@icj-cij.orgl.brant@icj-cij.org You can find a sample letter to use and more information on this Reddit page.

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