Just the Facts: Doing Business while Palestinian

Doing Business while Palestinian: Just the Facts…

  • Roughly 127,000 Palestinians work inside Israel or in illegal Jewish settlements.
  • Gaza’s economy actually shrank by 8% in 2018, while the West Bank only saw 2% growth.
  • Olive oil and tropical fruits make up the majority of Palestine’s exports.
  • Palestine has no airport. The site of the former Jerusalem International Airport is now being used to expand Israeli settlements.
  • Ports and crossings have limited hours, no refrigeration facilities, no Palestinian agents, out-dated infrastructure, and onerous packing restrictions.
  • Outgoing goods from Gaza averaged 201 truckloads/month in 2018, less than 20% of the 1,064 truckloads/month prior to the 2007 tightening of exports by Israel.
  • Palestinian businesses rely on the Israeli ports of Haifa and Ashdod to export goods.75% of Palestinian goods bound for outside Israel and Palestine go through these Israeli-controlled ports.
  • The King Hussein Bridge crossing into Jordan is controlled by Israeli forces.
  • The movement of manufactured goods and agricultural products to market is subject to the whims of Israel, which often leads to unwarranted delays, increased costs, wasted produce, and lower profits. 

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