Week 31: Collective Punishment Online Gathering

Week 31: Collective Punishment Online Gathering

You can find the 2021 gathering here.

On August 2 we learned about and address Israel’s use of collective punishment against Palestinians. We were joined by Daniel Seidemann, the author, activist, and founder of Ir Amim.

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Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and Propaganda in Education by Nurit Peeled Elhanan provides a good research on the educational system discussed.

A Good reference, is a book written by the Jewish Israeli Professor/Historian, Ilan Pappe:  “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” covering the period from 1948 until today (Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is on-going! Book is available via Amazon.com

I recommend seeing the film: The Distortion & Death Behind Israel/Palestine Coverage – Abby Martin of The Empire Files for more about Hasbara, including manipulating Wikipedia entries.