Just the Facts: Anti-Muslim and Anti-Islamic Discrimination

  • Since 2017, Chinese authorities have destroyed or damaged 16,000 mosques in Xinjiang.
  • Chinese authorities have detained up to 1.5 million people, mostly Uyghurs and other Muslims, in Xinjiang.
  • In 2018 Sri Lanka experienced a series of anti-Muslim riots.
  • India’s 2019 Citizenship Act allowed naturalization and citizenship to people based on their religion; Muslims were not included.
  • In France, 789 report forms referring to 1,043 Islamophobic incidents were received in 2019.
  • In Germany, 871 hate crimes against Muslims were reported to the police in 2019.
  • In the U.K., Muslims are paid between 13-21% less than their Christian counterparts.
  • And the U.K. recorded 3,530 cases of Islamophobic hate crimes, representing 47% of all recorded religiously motivated hate crime offences in 2018-19.
  • Spain has experienced an overall 11.6% increase in hate crimes, including islamophobia.
  • In the U.S., Muslim children are twice as likely as the general public to be bullied for their faith.
  • While at the airport, 44% of Muslims in the U.S. experience discrimination, compared to 5% of the general public.


Learning More 

We suggest you also read CAIR’s“Islamophobia 101” and watch the Ted Talk “Islamophobia killed my brother. Let’s end the hate” by Suzanne Barakat and the TRT World news report “2020 marked by rising anti-Muslim rhetoric”. If you want a broad introduction to Islamophobia with a philosophical background (and a lot of caustic humor) you can watch “Islamophobia: An Analysis” from Philosophy Tube

To go deeper, we will be developing an extensive list of Additional Resources at the bottom of this week’s entry as well as a YouTube playlist on the subject