Just the Facts: Home Demolitions

  • As an occupying power, Israel is obligated under international law to: protect civilians, refrain from forcible transfer of population, and respect private property.
  • Since 1967,over 50,000 homes and structures have been demolished in the oPt.
  • Over 7,100 structures have been demolished since 2009.
  • Almost 2,000 of those were occupied homes.
  • Over 11,000 people have lost their homes.
  • In 2020, Israel demolished 865 structures and 1,014 people lost their homes in the West Bank.
  • During the COVID pandemic, demolitions have spiked, averaging 65 per month, the highest rate in four years.
  • 2020 was the second-highest year for demolitions since 2009.
  • On November 3, 2021, 73 Palestinians, including 41 children, were forcibly displaced when Israeli authorities committed a mass demolition in the village of Humsa Al Bqai’a.
  • Three-quarters of the village population lost their homes, making this the largest forced displacement in over four years.
  • With 76 structures demolished, it was the single largest demolition in the past decade.

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