Just the Facts: Restrictions on Movement

  • In 2016, Israeli forces deployed an average of 107 adhoc ‘flying’ checkpoints along West Bank roads each week.
  • Between 2000 and 2005, 67 Palestinian mothers were forced to give birth at Israeli military checkpoints. 36 babies died.
  • A total of 5,587 flying (temporary) checkpoints were counted on West Bank roads in 2016.
  • There are 124 gates at the entrances to villages – 59 of them closed most of the time.
  • About 88,000 Palestinians are forced to use detours, two to five times longer, to reach the closest city.
  • Most Palestinian farmers must obtain special permits or ‘prior coordination’ to reach their land isolated between the wall and the Green Line.
  • Over 400 kilometres of roads are prohibited or highly restricted for Palestinian-plated vehicles.
  • Under international law, Israel has the obligation to facilitate the free movement of Palestinians within the oPt, including East Jerusalem.
  • The permit regime, wall, and checkpoints have progressively isolated East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank.
  • 10 percent of pregnant women are delayed at checkpoints while travelling to hospital to give birth.
  • In Hebron, Palestinian children living and/or studying in schools in the Old City must walk through up to four Israeli military checkpoints just to reach school.
  • Palestinian women passing through the checkpoint system are subjected physical hardship and the constant risk of harassment.
  • Palestinian women are delayed for hours (often without food/water), endure verbal or physical abuse, stripped semi-naked, slapped, and worse.
  • Checkpoints make it difficult or impossible to transport tools and work materials throughout different areas of occupied al-Khalil, slowing or preventing repairs and the building of infrastructure.

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