Kumi Now Online – July, 2020

To bring activists around the world together for Palestine, Kumi Now is hosting weekly video gatherings to connect activists with the organizations working for Palestine and get everyone involved in activism for Palestine.

Gatherings happen every Tuesday at 6:00pm Palestinian time (GMT+3). That’s 8:00am in Seattle, 10:00am in Chicago, 11:00am in New York, 4:00pm in London, 5:00pm across much of Europe.

Each session features at least one speaker from the co-host organization, and often additional speakers from Sabeel or other organizations, ensuring you get a broad exposure to the people and organizations involved in the movement for Palestinian rights. Each session also includes a Q and A, this week’s Kumi Action and the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas among activists.

You can watch replays of all past online gatherings!

July 7

Week 38: Sabeel-Kairos and Morally-Responsible Investing
Charlotte Marshall and Gerald Conyngham from Sabeel-Kairos will speak about morally-responsible investing and their ‘Investing for Peace’ campaign. Learn how churches are investing for peace and consider how you, your church, and your other organizations can apply the same investment strategies.

July 14

Week 39: Zochrot and Right of Return and the JNF
Representatives from Zochrot and other organizations will explain the connection between the right of return and the Jewish National Fund, which has been tasked with hiding and eradicating the remains of Palestinian villages and property in Israel.

July 21

Week 40: Pilgrims of Ibillin and Education Funding
Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, former archbishop, and founder of Mar Elias schools, Abuna Elias Chacour and other guests will address the barriers to education that Palestinian children face, particularly discriminatory funding practices.

July 28

Week 41: Women in Black and Women under Conflict
Representatives from Women in Black and other organizations will address the many impacts of occupation, and other conflicts, on women, and what can be done about it.