Week 18: Freedom of Speech Online Gathering

Week 18: Freedom of Speech Online Gathering

On May 4 we learned about the many ways that the speech of Palestinians is under assault, whether it be online limiting the freedom of the press, or through other means. Our guests were Donna Baranski-Walker, founder and executive director of Rebuilding Alliance, and Katie Teague, their advocacy coordinator.

More about our guest:

Donna Baranski-Walker is the founder and executive director of Rebuilding Alliance. She is an M.I.T. engineer who believes that human rights cannot wait for peace agreements. She began her work in the Middle East in 1990 with a New York Times op‐ed, “Small Lights in the Darkness,” which pressed for a peaceful resolution of the stand-off with Iraq. To avoid future wars, Donna spent 10 years developing Project Dialogue, visiting schools and teachers in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel, and Jordan. In 1999, she completed a Compassionate Listening course in Palestine and Israel, and launched Rebuilding Alliance in 2002.

You can read more in her bio.

You can find Donna on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dbaranskiw) and on Twitter (https://twitter.com/dbaranskiw) and can find Rebuilding Alliance on their website at https://www.rebuildingalliance.org, or follow them on Twitter (https://twitter.com/RebuildingAll), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RebuildingAlliance), or Instagram (http://instagram.com/rebuildingalliance).

Activism Time

Activism Time slides available as PDF here.

Full Kumi Action at:

These are all news organizations that routinely produce quality journalism from Palestinian journalist:

These are specific pieces of recent Palestinian journalism you could share:

Rebuilding Alliance Action: Save Sheikh Jarrah

On May 6th, the Israeli Supreme Court judge holding preliminary hearings in the Sheikh Jarrah appeal is unlikely to bring this case to the full court.  Ask your elected officials to call the Israeli Embassy now on your behalf to ask the following question: What will the State of Israel do to prevent the evictions of the Palestinian families from their homes?

U.S. Constituents: Please email your Senators and Reps now:  tinyurl.com/5aam5yt3.

Rebuilding Alliance will follow-up with your offices and invite you to join a briefing with their staff.

These are actions you can take for Sheikh Jarrah:

Contact Congress: Peace in Sheikh Jarrah
Write letters to members of the U.S. Congress at https://actionnetwork.org/letters/contact-congress-peace-in-sheikh-jarrah/

Contact the Canadian Government: Letter Writing with Just Peace Advocates

Sign the U.S. Petitions

UK citizens can make sure their MPs get a copy of the Human Rights Watch report through PSC

Palestine Portal has a full list of actions you can take

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