Week 6: Medical Rights Online Gathering

Week 6: Medical Rights

We learned about the medical rights of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Our guest was Fikr Shalltoot of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

Fikr’s slides from her presentation.

More about our guests:

Fikr Shalltoot

Fikr Shalltoot works at Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) as Director of the Gaza office. She was trained as a neonatal nurse and then studied Public Health and Health Behavior in the United States. Before joining MAP I worked for UNFPA and Save the Children and taught at the School of Public Health at Al Quds University.

She was born and raised in AL Maghazi Camp in the middle of Gaza, but currently lives in Gaza city.

She says that, “Through my work, I gained experience in the health sector and the key health actors and stakeholders and participated in developing the national health strategies.”

You can find MAP on their website at https://www.map.org.uk/. And follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MedicalAidforPalestinians/, Twitter at https://twitter.com/MedicalAidPal, and YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/MedicalAidPalestine.

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