Week 34: Christian Zionism 2023

Week 33: Christian Zionism Online Gathering 2023

Tuesday, August 22 6pm Palestine

On August 22, 2023 the author, editor, and academic administrator Mimi Kirk joined us to discuss Christian Zionism and its effects on Palestine.

More about our guests:

Mimi Kirk is a writer, editor, and academic administrator based in Washington, DC. She is adjunct faculty at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University, Board President for Americans for Middle East Understanding, and Editorial Consultant at Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network. She has published on Christian Zionism in Middle East Report and Al Jazeera, among other publications.

From the Presentation/Chat

For more on Tel Shiloh, See  https://israelpalestineguide.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/tel-shiloh-to-get-4-million-for-new-excavations-preservation-and-tourism-development/ AND  https://israelpalestineguide.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/going-hog-wild-at-tel-shiloh/

Emek Shaveh has some great short videos other resources: https://emekshaveh.org/en/

Al-Shabaka: https://al-shabaka.org/en/ 

“American Catholic Attitudes toward Jews, Judaism, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” https://ejournals.bc.edu/index.php/scjr/article/view/16589/11789 

Here is a link to the recent book about the New Christian Zionism https://www.amazon.com/New-Christian-Zionism-Perspectives-Israel/dp/0830851380