Week 35: Art as Resistance Online Gathering

Week 35: Art as Resistance Online Gathering

On August 31st we learned about art as a form of resistance against the Israeli occupation. Our guest was Wisam Salsaa, manager of the Walled Off Hotel.

Please register to join us. Here are the details:

Time: Tuesday, August 31, at 6:00pm East Jerusalem, Palestine time (UTC+3) That’s…

  • Pacific (Seattle/Vancouver): 8am
  • Central (Chicago): 10am
  • Eastern (New York/Toronto): 11am
  • Atlantic: 12pm
  • Newfoundland: 12:30pm
  • Greenwich (London): 4pm
  • Central Europe (Paris/Stockholm): 5pm
  • South Africa: 5pm
  • Manila: 11pm
  • Sydney: 1am (+1 Day)
  • Auckland: 3am (+1 Day)

Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/94679502800 (You might have to fill out a quick registration. Remember to put a reminder in your calendar!)

More about our guest:

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Activism Time

Activism Time slides available as PDF here.

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