March 26: Masafer Yatta and action time

March 26: Masafer Yatta and action time

On March 26, 2024 we acknowledge Land Day (the 30th). Elias D’eis of Holy Land Trust spoke on their work with the Bedouin community, and in particular Masafer Yatta. We also provided other updates and further our activism for Gaza.

Urgent Actions

Worldwide: Thank Canada for Stopping Arm Sales to Israel

This week, Canada’s Parliament passed a non-binding motion to end arms sales to Israel. It is now up to the government to support that ban. However, it is not yet certain that much of the ban will be enforced. Read Truthout’s “Here’s What Canada’s Vote to End Arms Sales to Israel Means for Antiwar Effort” for details:

Please thank Canada’s Parliament for this action and encourage other governments to do the same by sharing supportive messages and the image below.

US: Demand the U.S. stops blocking a ceasefire resolution

Last week, the U.S. once again vetoed a UN Security Council Resolution, blocking a demand for an immediate ceasefire and further humanitarian aid for Gaza. Use this email template from FOSNA to continue contacting your representatives, demanding an immediate ceasefire and increased humanitarian assistance.

UK: National Demonstration

Join the national demonstration, particularly in central London, this Saturday, March 30. You can find more information here.

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