Week 33: U.S. Role in Palestine Online Gathering

Week 33: U.S. Role in Palestine Online Gathering

You can find the 2021 gathering here.

On August 16 we learned about the role of the United States in Palestine: what it is and what it could and should be. We were joined by Dr. Waltrina Middleton from Community Renewal Society and Eric Sype from 7amleh.

More about our guests:

Rev. Dr. Waltrina N. Middleton, a passionate preacher and keynote speaker, is Executive Director of Community Renewal Society. She has shared a vision and message of faith, love, and justice in diverse settings across the world, including the World Council of Churches Forum on Peace and Justice in Trondheim, Norway; National Council of Churches; The Carter Center; Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Churches Uniting in Christ, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists; Ecumenical Advocacy Days; and as a part of a United Nations delegation addressing U.S. drug policies and mass incarceration.

Maintaining a commitment to human rights advocacy and social justice activism, Rev. Middleton established Walk on Water Global Ministries, Diaspora Dialogues, and Cleveland Action, respectively, in response to systemic needs in their community and society at-large. Cleveland Action, a bridge organization and resource in solidarity with Black Lives Matter’s Movement for Black Lives, traveled with World Council of Churches to bear witness at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on police brutality and state sanctioned violence against Black and Brown people in the United States. Diaspora Dialogues provide cultural immersion “Come and See” experiences, linking students, organizers and activists from the United States to their global counterparts in the occupied State of Palestine. Rev. Middleton’s advocacy work engages marginalized communities from Black Hills, SD and Charleston, SC to Hebron, Palestine and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

You can read her full bio at https://www.communityrenewalsociety.org/people/waltrinamiddleton-x92xf-2hemd-hga5m-eddli

Eric Sype is a Community Organizer and Advocate for Palestinian Human Rights. He is 7amleh’s National Organizer in the United States and works to build a broad base of support for Palestinian Digital Rights within the US. Eric previously worked as a Community Engagement Officer for UNICEF USA and has taught at the elementary, secondary, and university levels. He holds a Master of Development Practice from the University of California, Berkeley, where he researched the impacts of technological advancements on decolonizing the human rights sector, and a Bachelors in Humanities for Teaching for Seattle University.

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7amleh’s publications are available at https://7amleh.org/releases Eric might point to specific reports he was referring to.

Our most recent report on how the US impacts Israeli Surveillance sector: https://7amleh.org/2022/07/04/supply-and-demand-the-u-s-impact-on-israel-s-surveillance-sector

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