Week 45: Anti-Muslim and Anti-Islamic Online Gathering 2023

Week 45: Anti-Muslim and Anti-Islamic Discrimination Online Gathering 2023

Tuesday, November 7 6pm Palestine

On November 7, 2023 Hatem Bazian of the Berkeley Center for Race and Gender joined us to discuss how anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic discrimination is impacting the world’s response to Gaza – and what we can do about it.

Urgent Action

Until there is a ceasefire, we want you to think globally, but act locally. Israel won’t stop its assault on Gazans until the international community pressures it to do so. So far, only Arab countries are openly calling for a ceasefire. Let’s change this!

Email or call your own representative, MP, or other leader, urging them to call for an immediate ceasefire. Did you email last week? Email again! Politicians won’t act on a single email. They need to be reminded over and over again that this matters.

Work in Zoom chat or with members of your local activism group (Friends of Sabeel or otherwise) to identify which politicians and leaders are the most likely to listen and act. Share their email addresses and phone numbers.

We will repeat this action every week until a ceasefire is in place.

Share this action and your local contact information on social media. Use the hashtags #Palestine #Gaza #CeasefireNOW #KumiNow

Kumi Action

Opposing Islamophobia needs to be a worldwide action, so start at home. Do you know where the closest mosque or Islamic center is to your home? Have you been there? Or, conversely, have you ever brought a non-Muslim friend to your mosque or Islamic center?

Make it a point this week to reach out and make these connections:

  • Visit a mosque (or invite a visitor).
  • Attend a class, prayer, or celebration at a mosque.
  • Have coffee with the imam or other leader and have an informal discussion of Islamophobia in your area.

Share the video of the poem (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9Sz2BQdMF8) on social media, along with an explanation of how you are reaching out against Islamophobia. Encourage others to do likewise, and include a link to this page of the Kumi Now website along with the hashtags #Islamophobia, #KumiNow, and #Kumi44.

From the Presentation/Chat

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