Week 49: Human Rights Online Gathering 2023

Week 49: Human Rights Online Gathering 2023

Tuesday, December 5 6pm Palestine

On December 5, 2023 Hagop Djernazian of Save the ArQ joined us to talk about human rights and international law in the context of the recent settler takeover of land in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem.

More about our guests:

Save the ArQ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Save-the-ArQ/61550949422912/

Save the ArQ fundraising: https://givebutter.com/armenianquarter

Urgent Action

UK Action: File a Complaint about Lindsay Hoyle

The Speaker of the UK House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle, has been on a trip to Israel – apparently to show support with Israel. But why is the supposedly impartial speaker taking such a biased position on international politics?

Make a complaint to standardscommissioner@parliament.uk about the lack of neutrality shown by Lindsay Hoyle and his disregard for lives in Gaza.

North America: Fax Ceasefire Flyers

The ceasefire has come and gone. Israel is back to bombing innocent Gazans and forcibly displacing the entire population. Our action this week is to fill the fax machines of our politicians, churches, and other leaders who continue to let Israeli get away with it.

Look up the fax number of your representative, church, or other community leader – anyone who isn’t using their position of power to call for a ceasefire.

Then, use https://faxzero.com/ to send them a free fax. You can download either this PDF file or this PDF file to send.

Or, if you prefer email, attach the PDF file to an email address.

Worldwide: Share Ceasefire Flyers and Images

Share Our “A Pause Is Not a Ceasefire” flyers and images via email or social media. You can download the flyers as this PDF file and this PDF file, or they are available as PNG files below (right click and click “save” or “download”). Try to focus on activists or leaders who have expressed support for Palestine but who have not done all they could do.

You can also share the posts on our Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter) accounts.

Original Ceasefire Images

You can continue to use and share these as you see fit!

Ongoing: Pressure Governments

Until there is a ceasefire, we want you to think globally, but act locally. Israel won’t stop its assault on Gazans until the international community pressures it to do so. So far, only Arab countries are openly calling for a ceasefire. Let’s change this!

Email or call your own representative, MP, or other leader, urging them to call for an immediate ceasefire. Did you email last week? Email again! Politicians won’t act on a single email. They need to be reminded over and over again that this matters.

Work with members of your local activism group (Friends of Sabeel or otherwise) to identify which politicians and leaders are the most likely to listen and act. Share their email addresses and phone numbers.

We will repeat this action every week until a ceasefire is in place.

Share this action and your local contact information on social media. Use the hashtags #Palestine #Gaza #CeasefireNOW #KumiNow

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